What are the secrets to getting more job interviews?

The truth is, there are “no real secrets” that will guarantee you an interview or a job. Like anything else in life, it takes preparation and a positive attitude. With the right preparation, you will get interviews and ultimately job offers. The attitude is all up to you. It’s pretty simple – your confident will grow if you are properly prepared, your attitude—and optimism—will soar.

Where do you start?

You don’t need to start from scratch, but you will need to begin looking at yourself from the actual perspective of a recruiter, HR staff, or the direct hiring manager. There are hundreds of emails and resumes submitted every time a job is posted. Whether it’s a computer-based system or a real person reviewing your resume, they need to see the key words that are relevant to the position.

The first contact you have with a potential employer will be with your resume and cover letter. If you haven’t customized your resume for the company and position, you’re already at a disadvantage. You cover letter allows you to point out or summarize particular experience that might be missed by even the sharpest reader.  You want to show how you’re good at what you do, and why you make a good fit for the company.

It needs to make sense to put you on the short list of candidates to call. Are you still including an old fashion objective statement? Stop and replace it with a key word rich Career Summary or Career Accomplishments. Certain things on resumes that were once standard are now considered passe and a waste of space. A great sales resume will, at a glance, convey where you are in your career and that you are a high performer. But not everyone has the time or the information to transform their ho-hum resume into one that will make recruiters take notice.

If you’re short on time, patience, or are more inclined to hand over these projects to a professional, be careful! All resume writers are not created equal. Many don’t understand what makes a sales resume completely different from more traditional ones. Look for someone who specializes in helping sales people and, if possible, within the medical industry, to be sure they speak the language and understand your career goals.

The longer it takes you to get your resume in top shape, the more opportunities you miss.

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