LinkedIn Profile Facts

DID YOU KNOW – In a recent survey we determined that more than 85% of recruiters use LinkedIn to help them source candidates for active job openings.

Would you like to know a little secret about Recruiters?

Here it is: Recruiters like to recruit.

They aren’t waiting for you to respond to a job ad or send them an email. The thrill of recruiting is in the hunt. Since LinkedIn is used almost universally by recruiters, your first impression you offer is most likely your LinkedIn profile–not a resume or telephone call.

Can you really afford to have a so-so profile?

Can you really afford to have a so-so profile?

Fine-tune your LinkedIn profileso that it contains what recruiters are looking for when they are trying to decide whether or not to contact you about a job opening. Here’s something else for you to consider–of the recruiters and HR professionals who use LinkedIn, 35-40% of them also are checking out your other social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You need to be sure all of the social media platforms represent your personal brand positively and consistently.

If you aren’t 100% confident that your LinkedIn profile is both searchable and presentable, get working on it today! In fact, have a pro in your profession give you an objective opinion to ensure that you include what is important, without over sharing, or have potentially negativeinformation. These are things that could knock you out of the running for a job before you know you were being considered.

Medical Sales Coaching offers a LinkedIn profile review and key recommendations as part of the SmartConnect program. SmartConnect is your way to shorten your job search by becoming directly connected with the right professionals who can get you interviews at the companies where you want to work.

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